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Your guide to Within the Walls of Old Québec

Québec City is the only walled city in North America. Within the gates, the original old town (Vieux Québec or Old Québec) was established 400 years ago and to this day has preserved all of its charm. lists hotels and B&B’s along with unbiased comments of these hotels that are within the gates of Old Québec. Why should you use “Within The Walls”? 18th century walls surround the heart of Québec City, these walls that protected the original city now house a functioning quarter where people live and work. Authentic horse drawn carriages, sonorous church bells, winding cobblestone streets and ancient pitched roofs, built hundreds of years ago, contrast sharply with the bustling modern city outside the old walls of Quebec. Many web sites that refer to “Old Québec” also include hotels that are outside of the gates of Québec City. For example, Expedia divides Québec City into three categories: Old Québec, Lower Town and Upper Town. We want you to explore inside the authentic, enchanting, historic city which is located “Within the Walls” of Old Québec City. We moderate the comments, keeping the site informative and hype-free. This is not a reservation web site. For enquiries or to make a reservation go to their web site.